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APAC Change Insider – Our Commitment to support the organisations and individuals by helping them navigate change during the pandemic. 

We received many questions relating to changing behaviours of consumers and its impact on change management from On the Pulse of Change: Unfolding Consumer Behaviour on the Ground. Hence, we hope this piece on Change Management : 3 Key watch-outs due to change in consumer behaviour in the New Normal will help organisations and individuals navigate change during the pandemic

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We now live in the “new normal” which is an outcome of changes in consumer behaviour caused by a significant recalibration of consumer needs and beliefs that have taken place as a result of the pandemic. This is further exacerbated by the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic including the impact of lock-downs and general stress in the global economy leading to (among others) organisational restructuring and retrenchments as organisations seek to maintain lean structures and be in a “conserve mode”.
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