Our Founder, CEO & Chief Change Catalyst, Wong Mei Wai opened The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)'s Women in Business Conference as a keynote speaker on CHANGE for more than 200 highly ambitious students globally with a keen interest in banking, consulting and alternative investments and a unique focus of championing gender equality within the corporate world.

Mei Wai reimagines what it would be like if she was in her audiences' shoes and is adapting to the Change today, using her 2 decades of Change experience. She shares 4 pieces of advice on what they could do to cope and adapt to the latest Change and the transitions they will be/ are facing.

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In 2020, due to the pandemic, organisations have been "forced" to review and remap their CX journeys and strategic approaches by providing greater value-add to each touch point of the customer experience - through changing engagement across channels, simplifying business processes, and redesigning products or services.

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In APAC Change Insider #2, Wong Mei Wai, our Founder, CEO & Chief Change Catalyst, unveiled her new insights and findings on Brand Change from her experience and 2020 research study (with input by INSEAD Business School) that addresses the unresearched area of brand change approach by exposing the lack of emphasis of the “Inside” brand areas in the brand and marketing functions within organisations.   

Arising from her research and her family business change experience in implementing Change she developed Wong’s Outside-Inside Family Business Change Matrix which allows businesses to evaluate and reflect on their own brand change journey. This combined with the  Wong’s Brand Change Framework (which summarises the layers of “Outside” and “Inside” brand change and integrating the unconscious areas) can guide organisations to decide on how much brand change is required to build a legacy.

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APAC Global Advisory is honoured to be nominated within the Top 10 Change Consulting Companies from across Asia Pacific 2020 as AGA delivers holistic change management to organizations across global, regional, and local organizations in both sophisticated and emerging markets.
AGA’s change transformation service differs from a strict brand- or HR-focused change management approach by leaps and bounds. The company seamlessly integrates all the typical corporate functions: human resource, customer and marketing, technology, research, and operations with key consideration of building legacy through proprietary change frameworks. 
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