The AGA Story

APAC Global Advisory was founded to build the legacy of branded family businesses through navigating change associated with building legacy (including legacy of Companies, legacy of Family Businesses, legacy of Brands) through various leadership, brand and change services and management offerings. Our founder Wong Mei Wai witnessed the challenges faced by her father who had to (unexpectedly) take over the reins of their family business from her grandfather and the challenges he had to face - navigating change, sustaining a legacy, nurturing succession and providing for both his immediate and extended family members, whilst leading and navigating the real estate developer business through an equally dynamic business landscape of a developing nation at that time.

She reflected and was struck by how her father would have benefitted from the support and counsel of a trusted and innovative external change catalyst, who could have journeyed on-side with him, to bring a unique level of insight and understanding of the intricacies and complexities of hands-on change management. AGA was hence built on these experiences and our founder's passion to build legacy through change, having had decades of experience from working hands-on managing the world of change and leading iconic branded businesses in Global, Regional multinational corporations and large family businesses, having been equipped with strong professional skill sets and psychodynamic abilities to see "beneath the surface" to navigate these often multi-dimensional issues. AGA, therefore, brings together hand-picked diverse industry leaders with more than one century of combined thought leadership, expertise, and change experience.

The APAC Global Advisory logo is shaped like the Delta (which is the Greek symbol for "Change"), the AGA logo represents an innovative and trusted change catalyst that journeys with organisations and their people to transform their businesses to take them to the next stage of growth.

The 3 triangles form an upward thrust heading north, driving companies to successful growth through Change. The details represent how being on-side with our clients, we bring a unique level of insight of those intricacies and complexities within which our clients operate and we deliver through a bespoke client-tailored approach - with Integrity, Innovativeness and Agility.

Designed to form an angular arch that captures an end-to-end tunnel to reflect AGA's mission to be an end-to-end change architect in helping businesses to stay relevant, be change receptive and sustainable in today’s highly competitive business landscape. This represents upward growth from the 3 pillars of APAC Global Advisory that shapes the company’s core services. Change Architect, Change Marketing, Change Services - to deliver "Inside" and “Outside” Change to navigate and embed sustainable change that “future proof” any Branded family business.

The colour red symbolizes its head quarter at the pulse of Asia and its birth in Singapore, although the business has touch the global audience from geographies like UK, US, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, India and Sri Lanka.