Our Enhanced Strategic Advisory Services for Family Business Boards with Global Accreditation from Financial Times

From leading and consulting on transformations globally, APAC Global Advisory has observed and encountered the importance of how sustainable change needs to start from the top of the Organisation. There are many factors impacting the board, the governance, financial responsibilities, managing risk and sustainability which Mei Wai felt was critical to be able to help in the work with the Board of Directors. 

It is timely that Our Founder, CEO and Chief Change Advisor, Wong Mei Wai, has recently attained the FT Non-Executive Director Diploma - Pearson SRF BTEC Level 7 Advanced Professional Diploma, the leading fully accredited, practitioner-led, post-graduate qualification for Non-Executive Directors. In doing so, she is certified with globally recognised skills and knowledge by the Financial Times (UK) to help to make change sustainable by being effective and efficient in any Non-Executive role, including legal liabilities and duties of a Non-Executive; the correct structure and operation of a board; audit and financial reporting, internal control and risk management; and she possesses the behavioral skills needed to ensure an effective contribution to the board. Without the proper advisory or Non-Executive directors to challenge them, a lack of sustainability may be evident  in a company, which has also been one of the reasons why companies do not transcend generations successfully. APAC Global Advisory’s purpose is to build legacy through change and ensure that the top positions are acting in accordance with governance, managing risk and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) sustainability is key to successful change of businesses and brands. 

Attaining the FT Non-Executive Director Diploma - Pearson SRF BTEC Level 7 Advanced Professional Diploma, she showcased expertise across a wide range of skills, including Audit and Financial Reporting, Audit Committee, Board Performance, Board Structure, Sustainability, Corporate Ethics, Corporate Governance, Independent Director, Internal Control, Investor Relations, Non-Executive Director, Remuneration Committee, and Risk Management.

“Aside from being grateful to have been able to “touch up” my skills across all technical areas required by the Board to a global standard, I found it interesting to experience and apply the differences in what to observe for in the psychodynamics of change amongst executive versus Non-Executive roles. In particular the influence of board behaviors,  including cultural differences between board members makes a difference in the power dynamics and motivating individuals. ”  Wong Mei Wai said. 

In the last month, APAC Global Advisory is pleased to have started supporting companies in reviewing their implementation plans for ESG sustainability and combining our Change Management lens to advise Family Business Boards.