Creating Digital Innovation for emergency services

Creating Digital Innovation for emergency services

Our Creative Change Catalyst was tasked to build a platform for emergency services to deliver speed to save lives by activating 12,000 first-aiders island-wide.


  • The current emergency service process takes more than 8 minutes on average as the process involves multi-parties communicating and passing on information on different platforms.

  • Every year more than 150,000 people die due to lack of timely first aid. The human brain runs out of oxygen in 4 mins.

  • How to activate Red Cross’ 12,000 first-aiders island-wide, who could be near the patient, before an ambulance arrives.

  • Created a digital platform that unified the requirements in the form a of simple app that connects a first-aid seeker to first-aider instantly.

  • Building a platform to connect all the 12,000 first-aiders in Singapore in an app, once pressed by someone in distress, the app called Rapid Rescue sends out an SOS to all the first-aiders within a two kilometre radius of the victim.

  • After the First-aider accepts the mission, the app maps out the shortest route to the victim.


The Difference Made

  • Red Cross was able to harness the power of their 12,000 First-aiders instantly and sends help to patients within the nearest proximity in the quickest time.

  • Immediate first-aid available before the emergency services arrive which can lead to saving a life.

  • App was so popular, it manifested to other more advanced versions.

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