How We Work

AGA Co-Creation Way
  • APAC Global Advisory is a bespoke end-to-end Change Architect. We recognise that no two clients will have the same needs even if they share the same challenges.

  • With our deep and unique industry engagement, we can offer AGA Co-Creation with other selected best in class specialist partners to deliver bespoke end-to-end or targeted solutions - individualised for our clients to deliver optimal outcomes. 

Having more than two decades of professional working relationship with agencies to deliver world class awards for numerous local, regional and global iconic brands including the 4As, local Asian independent agencies, freelancers as well as other insights, strategy and creative agencies, AGA’s Founder & Chief Change Catalyst is uniquely placed to recommend (when required) the appropriate partner agency or panel of agencies that can deliver a targeted and bespoke solution for the client.”


    • APAC Global Advisory's Co-Creation Satellites who have been chosen from the industry for their expertise, strong quality of work and value-adds to AGA clients. They are available at a special rate through the AGA Co-Creation way. 


      The Benefits of AGA Co-Creation Way

      AGA Co-Creation

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      • Consumer-centric yet Business & Change architecture in full sight
      • Harness the best of specialists, industry experts and entrepreneurs
      • Know-how of pulling the strongest and the latest developments & trends in the industry
      • Access to Co-Creation Satellites at a special rate



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      Model 1 – Disadvantages:

      • Multiple Clients’ interface, managing different partners, leads to inefficient time management
      • Each partner addresses one part with little integration
      • Partner delivers with no accountability

      Model 2 – Disadvantages:

      • Not at the forefront
      • Limited ideas and approach
      • Challenges to drive sustainable change alone and cross-functionally within organisation

      AGA Co-Creation Satellites

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      AGA End-to-End Process Flow

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