Lee Gang

Co-Creation Satellite
AI & Data


APAC Global Advisory has selected Lee Gang as our AI & Data Co-creation Satellite to deliver change through bespoke customized AI solutions and support in digital transformation services. 

With more than two decades of expertise in AI and technical project management, Lee Gang emerges as a versatile leader and technologist in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. Lee Gang excels in AI model development and deployments, having successfully implemented enterprise AI solutions that revolutionized business processes for numerous organizations. Proficient in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and ensemble modeling, he skillfully translates complex business requirements into user-friendly designs, integrating user-centric design principles into AI solution development. Lee Gang's career has traversed significant roles, including leading the data science team at X0PA AI and addressing health data challenges as a Senior Data Science Specialist at Ministry Of Health and National Healthcare Group during a global pandemic. Currently, he spearheads his own AI development firm, crafting tailored AI solutions for organizations, guiding them to identify opportunities and embrace cutting-edge AI technologies for transformative business outcomes.

Lee Gang has a Master of Science in Business Analytics from National University of Singapore, a program recognized for excellence in Asia. Dedicated to nurturing future talent, he serves as an adjunct lecturer in data analytics at Nanyang Polytechnic, bringing a real-world perspective to teaching. Lee Gang conducts workshops and training sessions on AI for organizations, preparing their workforce for the dynamic landscape. In the sphere of AI governance, he actively contributes to initiatives like AI Verify with Infocomm Media Development Authority and engages in international dialogues on ethical AI practices. As a strong advocate for responsible AI, Lee Gang's work reflects a balanced view of innovation and responsibility, emphasizing solutions that are not only advanced but also sustainable and ethical.

As AI developments, exemplified by innovations like ChatGPT, continue to disrupt organizations globally, there is an increasing demand for a grounded perspective with robust expertise to navigate the evolving landscape and stay relevant. With insights garnered from APAC Global Advisory, Lee Gang endeavors to assist organizations in navigating this dynamic environment, empowering them to leverage the latest technological advancements in AI for transformative organizational change.