Global Brand Change starts with the Definition
and Expression of the Brand Purpose,
Vision, Mission and Brand Promise.

Global Brand Change starts with the Definition and Expression of the Brand Purpose, Vision, Mission and Brand Promise.

A 3rd generation, family-owned multinational company in building Infrastructure, Digital Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Commerce, Healthcare, Education, IoT & Transportation, with a workforce of over 5,250 personnel across 6 continents, had the ambition to grow by 100 fold in the next few years.

Our Chief Change Catalyst was appointed to work with the Family Business owner & leadership team on an "Outside- In" Change, starting with the definition, expression, alignment of their Global Brand Vision, Mission, Purpose, Values and Promise to transform the organisation to achieve the Global appeal. This was followed by working on the "Inside" areas.


  • The rapid growth of the organisation has grown a 100 fold in the last 2 decades through organic growth and M&A, which meant that they did not have a common umbrella brand with a clearly defined Vision, Mission and Purpose that worked globally.

  • Recent growth from 2 verticals to 8 business verticals meant the company needed solutions across categories that resonate with to both its internal and external stakeholders and customers in multiple channels.

  • As one of the leading and fastest-growing companies in an emerging market, only an aspirational Global Corporate Brand image and Global Employee brand could transform them to allow them to compete globally.

  • The family had a deeper social and economic purpose to empower people with their products and services and to help bring their home country to the first-world status.

  • Key meetings and interviews with key family business leader and the leadership team to define the “inside” business areas that need to be retained from the family business legacy before reviewing the AGA Change options.

  • Define, design and alignment of the global Brand Vision, Mission and Purpose and Promise that resonates with the family and the market.

  • Creating the meaning of “Empowering Humanity” and bringing that to life in internal and external touchpoints.

  • Strong engagement with the HQ and global teams in the design and development of global tool-kits to bring this to life at the workplace.


The Difference Made

  • With the clarity of the global direction and purpose, the company across 35 countries could move in one clear direction.

  • With the clarity of the “Outside” brand change areas, the organisation embarked on the “Inside” brand change areas to embed the change in organisation structures, raising the global standards of innovation and development, culture and talent development.  

  • Significant pride of the family and the business teams on their new corporate brand and purpose, leading to initiatives like planting 1 million trees in 3 years to “Empower Humanity” and sustainability.

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