Leading and Implementing Global IT Change across markets in APAC & EMEA

Leading and Implementing Global IT Change across markets in APAC & EMEA

The leading Forbes & Fortune 500 company (largest global family business founded in the USA) which operates in agriculture, nutrition, food and financial, industrial services, continues to forge ahead on an intensive digital transformation journey through ERP and non-ERP digital transformation. This transformation opened up opportunities to advance work processes and data/ reporting to maximise efficiency for scalability (in the operations, commercial, supply chain, IT, commercial, finance and data).

Our Chief Change Catalyst was appointed by Change Global Center of Excellence( HQ) as the Global IT APAC Change Lead, to lead multiple change leaders and change consultants across China, Japan, Singapore, India, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Netherlands and UK, spanning various business categories -to ensure successful Business Change readiness across almost 10 projects. This includes bridging the leadership role and onboarding the newly identified permanent internal role holder.


  • Lack of the resource to lead and oversee multiple SAP and non-ERP projects for APAC and alignment of the cross-functional business stakeholders and sponsors.  

  • With multiple projects across geographies, the need to ensure Business Readiness for digitalization through successful Change Management. This includes End-to-End Education to enable key capabilities for Cargill’s ERP journey.

  • To ensure ERP best practice change methodology are implemented consistently by motivated and efficient consultancy teams collaboratively in the different markets and project.

  • On-boarding of the permanent Global IT APAC CCE Lead for the company.

  • Search, recruitment, on-boarding of senior change consultant in line with SOW requirement.

  • Built the knowledge, skills and abilities across the regional Change management teams and other areas of Global IT -who are responsible for executing business readiness and SAP deployment projects.

  • Business Readiness (cross-functional) of people, processes through the use of scalable methodology and tools to enable high impact business readiness execution in the regions in line with multiple project Change Plans.

  • Coach, consult and train stakeholder groups responsible for executing the process with the business.

  • Recommend and implement continuous improvement opportunities that drive high impact results and outcomes related to Business Units’ digital transformation journey.

  • Track, measure and manage business readiness progress on the confirmed SAP or other roadmap; provide regular updates and reporting to critical stakeholders of process effectiveness and project progress.

  • Share best practices across the regional/ global Change consultants.


The Difference Made

  • A smooth agile transition and onboarding to bridge the resource gap in leadership and building the confidence of sponsors and project leadership across markets.  

  • Ensure external change consultants from various leading consulting companies including Big Four accounting firms are delivering according to the Change methodology best practices.

  • Oversee the smooth Go- Live and steady state of one key project across 2 markets.  

  • Global search and recruitment of senior consultant in line with SoW requirements.

  • Based on managing and observing strong consultants, source roles and help define/ cocreate new role to retain good change leads in the organisation to capture best practices.

  • Create safe space for change consultants to speak up with the weekly CCE meets where AGA used bespoke Change and Art discussion to motivate and inspire discussion that go beyond technical change management.

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