Creating Global Brand Experiences and Identity for a Global Student Accommodation Brand as it continues to grow rapidly through Developments & Acquisitions

Creating Global Brand Experiences and Identity for a Global Student Accommodation Brand as it continues to grow rapidly through Developments & Acquisitions

Centurion Corporation Limited is growing from strength to strength as a global student accommodation brand. To date, they operate more than 20 properties in United Kingdom, The United States of America, Australia, Korea and Singapore. The Chief Change Catalyst and hand-picked A.G.A Co-creation satellites brought Centurion's Global Brand and Experience to another level.


  • Having ventured into this new space, Centurion has grown rapidly globally through acquisitions and greenfield across from the globe. They needed to quickly find a global solution as the acquisitions continue to bring in properties in diverse formats – Towers, Resort style apartments, apartments, cluster housing and villages.

  • To position and unify the global brand through finding a common insight and needs across the Gen Z and Millenials across the global student community at the 20 student accommodations in the USA (in Connecticut, Florida, Alabama, Texas and Wisconsin), United Kingdom (in Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Bristol and Nottingham),
    Australia (in Adelaide and Melbourne) and Korea Dongdaemon).

  • To create a strong engagement and affinity for the brand by developing a global brand experience. Ultimately to increase retention and acquisition of new generation to for global growth.

  • To pull off the global brand experience project with a large global footprint with lean Marketing team centrally and no marketing team in some markets.

  • Our Chief Change Catalyst with Centurion Communication team visited the properties and interviewed staff and students to identify the common insights, gaps, needs, wants and opportunities.

  • Through redefinition of the global consumer journey, marketing, branding and design we channelled this to create a consistent global brand experience around a brand story, linked to signature/iconic brand experience & Wayfinding Environmental that will resonate with Millennials and Gen Z.

  • Support the in-house Marketing team to ensure the Global Brand Identity and Experience Guidelines move into progressive implementation which could drive efficiencies.


The Difference Made

  • We brought the client’s global branding to a higher benchmark by creating a global experience and identity that closely resonate with the target audience and stake-holders.

  • We raised business and brand opportunities that were beyond our scope to allow Centurion Corporation to build a aspirational and safer environment for their consumers.

  • We remain a support to the Global brand team through the
    infancy of brand team with lean resourcing to allow them to
    gradually build their global marketing team.

  • The Global Brand Toolkit was an effective mode to communicate the global brand identity so as to ensure new properties and renovations can benefit from synergies and efficiencies.

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