Chang Hui Tze

Marketing & Business Development Manager

As the Marketing and Business Development Manager for APAC Global Advisory, Chang Hui Tze spearheads the marketing efforts, overseeing everything from planning to implementation. This encompasses a wide range of tasks such as content planning, social media and PR development, communication strategies, workshops, and events, all tailored to meet the business's needs.

A versatile and dynamic professional, she collaborates closely with the CEO, Change experts, and stakeholders globally, contributing to strategic business and marketing plans. Hui Tze lends her expertise to complex transformation projects, ensuring they're enriched with a human touch.

Moreover, she provides consultancy support to a select group of AGA’s clients, offering her insights across industries such as technology, building infrastructure, properties, and agriculture. Her unique background, blending legal acumen with experience in transformation across law, technology, and creative industries, sets her apart.

With roots in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam, Hui Tze brings a multicultural perspective to her work. This diverse background enriches her ability to innovate and provide fresh perspectives.

With an unwavering attention to detail and a comprehensive skill set, Hui Tze excels in conceiving, designing, developing, implementing, and executing projects. Her expertise spans various media platforms, encompassing streaming, gaming, digital content, videos, and photography. Whether planning captivating content or capturing stunning visuals, she consistently delivers impactful results.

Additionally, she leads the development of the APAC Change Institute, an initiative aimed at Building Lives through Change.