Reflections on my 2 part amazing Change journey with INSEAD

Wong Mei Wai with Global CEOs in INSEAD Business School in Fountainbleu and Global Human Resource Director and C-Suites in the INSEAD Asian Campus.

Reflecting on my 2 part amazing Change learning journey as we completed our final Executive Masters of Change ( EMC) modules with INSEAD Business School – having combined the journey of EMC and the Advanced Management Program (AMP).

"The truth is that without the combination of insightful leadership, strategic business expertise, the softer areas like people, psychological and "night vision" to see below the consciousness, it would have been difficult to achieve success in Change so far."

Combining technical, practical and psychological /emotional change consulting and coaching with the powerful business leadership training has facilitated transformation to align, move and change organisations to achieve their business objectives in the digital edge.

In the past 18 months, I have experienced the scale of knowledge and scope of practical clinical approach required to close the gap in organisations executing global change. There is often a lack of ability to holistically balance the "inside out" and "outside in" change approaches (the hard and soft change). In my more than 2 decade leading Brand and Business Change in Global and Family Business Organisations - these repeated gaps and weaknesses in integration of inside aspects with the outside aspects of technical change e.g. weaknesses to holistically fully transform People, Talent, Culture to business requirements in the digital edge have often led to less than desirable results.

I look forward to the exciting Change Research Paper that will allow me to build my own research study with selected organisations and continue to forge forward to help global and family businesses to build legacy through change!

Thank you to INSEAD Business School, our legendary professors and all my classmates who have been part of this learning journey.