Our Values and Why it Matters

“Our value of #INTEGRITY- is the foundation for everything we do in building legacy through Change and has allowed us to remain the trusted partners of family businesses and global MNCs who rely on us to deliver the Change as they know we care to 'do the right thing' - even if it means going that extra mile beyond what is expected of us. It has also allowed us to create a positive and inclusive culture that fosters open, honest, and meaningful relationships with our partners, our clients’ families and their teams.“ Wong Mei Wai, Founder, CEO & Chief Change Catalyst.


Our emphasis on #RESPONSIBILITY starts with partnering and working with businesses who are a “#forceforgood”. In the current climate of challenging global economic and social trends, AGA's role becomes even more important in helping our clients deliver successful and sustainable change across markets.

To date, we have extended beyond fast-moving consumer goods and retail and into end-to-end change through digitalisation & technology, brand & communication for innovations in agriculture, animal nutrition and ingredients, water, accommodations, building infrastructure, financial services & trade cross functionally from source to table- impacting commercial, operations, supply chain, finance, manufacturing and farmers/ producers.

“Our value of RESPONSIBILITY- also means that in implementing Change, we go beyond the technical change to consider the human element of people (leaders and their teams) going through Change – these experiences can differ greatly between cultures and projects. By recognising these differences and leveraging our psychodynamic lens on organisation change, we implement Change through inspiring our clients, families and their teams to embrace change with a growth mindset in ways that are meaningful to them and their businesses." Wong Mei Wai, Founder, CEO and Chief Change Catalyst.

Heartfelt thanks to Change Catalyst and satellite who also have had to support and "walk the talk" with growth mindset to extend themselves to value-add to our clients Building Legacy Through Change.


In line with our values, we put emphasis on #Agile Change Management and collaborative responsiveness to meet clients’ needs and opportunities. We achieve scalability through collaborative leadership and partnership of teams of consultants, catalysts and satellites 

For instance, Our Founder, CEO and Chief Change Catalyst, Wong Mei Wai was appointed as the Global IT APAC CCE Lead (as part of the Change Global Centre of Excellence) by one of the largest family businesses (a leading Forbes & Fortune 500 company) to lead multiple Change leads/ consultants for IT projects across China, Japan, Singapore, India, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Netherland and UK, spanning various business categories -to ensure sustainable Business Change readiness for ERP and non ERP projects. Bridging the Change leadership role and onboarding the newly identified permanent internal role holder.

"Thank you to the global, regional and local Change, IT and business teams for the incredible support to drive Change with #agility- allowing us to recommend and implement continuous improvement to drive high impact change results for business readiness. The spirit of collaborativeness and trust between global, regional and local market amongst multiple Change teams has enabled high speed collaborative alignment between key stakeholders and agility.“ said Wong Mei Wai.