Orel Group brings digital HQ to Singapore

Sri-Lankan based technology and manufacturing multinational company Orel Group has moved its new digital HQ to Singapore.

The country's strategic positioning will serve as a gateway to global markets, and foster a thriving, innovative ecosystem for entrepreneurial ventures, perfectly complementing manufacturing activities in various markets, it said in a statement. 

With a global presence and partnership in more than 50 countries and across six continents, Orel Group aims to expand its corporate brand and portfolio brands strategy.

This strategy sees the launch of the company's new integrated web and social media channel, with a brand-new group website, and new social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. 

The brand's packaging designs were developed by long-term partners, Singapore-headquartered APAC Global Advisory, with teams across Singapore and the United Kingdom. The company also collaborated with Sri Lanka's largest IT employer, Orel IT, in its latest website evolution.

Handling the digital accounts are APAC Global Advisory's Marcus Ng, co-creation satellite, change creative and social media, and Chang Hui Tze, marketing manager.

The new move reflects Orel Group's key focus, centred around key three pillars: power, data, and water. 

Through these three pillars and the engagement of its portfolio brands, the company looks to create a sustainable, cleaner, and smarter future, while leveraging leading data developments and infrastructure to ensure access to vital water sources for crops and provide water-based solutions to feed communities around world. 

This change highlights the company's commitment to its brand purpose of "empowering humanity". Over the years, the company has undergone several changes, from its traditional focus on building infrastructure to a technology and manufacturing multinational corporation.

"I am thrilled that Orel Group in Singapore will become the digital headquarters for all of our global businesses. This strategic move will unite our three pillars of business: power, data, and water," said Kushan Kodituwakku, president of Orel Group.

"Our key brand architectures and designs are today born out of Singapore, with Orel Group’s global brand portfolio that has grown through both organic and mergers and acquisitions. We also believe that Singapore will help the company better meet the needs of both the East and the West, serving as a gateway to growth opportunities in Southeast Asia, APAC, and EMEA markets," added Kodituwakku.

Wong Mei Wai, founder, CEO and chief change advisor added that Orel Group has embraced change over the past few years to transform significantly. "Exciting things are in development, so stay tuned for more updates," said Wong. 

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