Building Legacy through the Human Aspect of Change

In this episode of the Analytics Show, guest host Eric Nguyen, who presented Wong Mei Wai, our Founder, CEO & Chief Change Catalyst of APAC Global Advisory from Singapore.

Mei Wai has built up expertise and reputation in marketing and business change management throughout her incredible journey across Asia Pacific. In her joruney to  establishing APAC Global Advisory with the purpose of "Building Legacy through Change." The company has also been awarded as one of the Top Change Management Consulting Companies in APAC for 2020.

In this exclusive episode, Eric and Mei Wai discuss:

  • Understanding the customer psychodynamics through a deeper lense.
  • How to keep clarity among the leadership, management, and the board.
  • How the pandemic expedited the digital transformation in Asia.
  • How data impacts many different roles across functions.
  • Why external consultancy is essential for change management.
  • What makes a family business survive decades.
  • Importance of seamless integration for data-driven organizations.
  • Why 80% of digitization processes fail and how to succeed?
  • How understanding people at a deeper level is essential for professional growth

Get a deeper look at analytics through the eyes of a business leader and an expert in the human aspect of change and winning the heart and mind of people:



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