APAC Global Advisory & ELGO Technologies jointly launches Technology Change Solutions, Delivery & Adoption (TCS)

APAC Global Advisory and Elgo Technologies jointly announce their launch of Technology Change Solutions, Delivery & Adoption (TCS) on 20th May 2024. 

The launch of Technology Change Solutions stems from findings indicating that companies face increasing challenges in adopting and implementing Technology and AI Transformation, while striving to engage their teams in embracing and integrating this into future work culture. Unfortunately, some projects are launched without considering Change Management, leading to low adoption rates, halts, or even abandonment. 

Technology Change Solutions, Delivery & Adoption acts as a single interface, seamlessly merging Technology Solutions delivery with Change Management. What distinguishes us is our comprehensive support throughout the entire process, covering every aspect from start to finish: from Technology (strategy, design, process, implementation, deployment, to post go-live adoption) to Change Management (change audit & profiling, change strategy & plan, change impact, role mapping, organizational structure, change communication, education, execution, system integration, system changes, and tracking).

“The development and adaptation of AI transformation to stay competitive with the shift towards new digital, AI, or data solutions, while crucial, requires effective change management to ensure successful adoption. With deep technical expertise and experience in designing and implementing practical AI solutions for organizations, our Digital Change Solution, Delivery & Adoption service specializes in guiding organizations through the complexities of digital and AI transformation projects, addressing the people, process, and technology aspects of the transformation.” said Lee Gang, Founder & CEO at Elgo Technologies & AI & Data Co-creation Satellite.

“We have found an increasing number of organizations that have invested in Technology changes but the People are not actively or optimally adopting the systems. Beneath the surface, there are dynamics of challenges that need to be dealt with for the Change to be sustainable and Technology Change Solutions will tackle this.” said Wong Mei Wai, Founder, CEO & Chief Change Advisory of APAC Global Advisory.

Seasoned communication and Change leaders, along with consultants experienced in deploying change within Fortune 500 organizations and capable of supporting deployment in other regions, work in conjunction with a robust communications and change team at the global PMO level. Our unique psychodynamic approach plays a pivotal role in orchestrating and fostering alignment across large teams, extending beyond technical change processes. By delving into deeper insights and applying psychodynamics, we effectively manage both conscious and unconscious resistance to change. Our expertise lies in Change interventions for leaders and teams, where we keenly observe dynamics beyond the surface. This customized and bespoke design surpasses traditional change coaching, encompassing group coaching and workshops as well. 

Some of the offerings include: Digital and Change Discovery, Digital (AI & Data) and Change Strategy, Solution Redesign with Change Plan and End-to-end Implementation & delivery consultancies. Ensure Stakeholder management and engagement is key to success for all change. Change Impact Measurement, Change Communication Planning & Implementation, Listening and Measurement to track effectiveness and acceptance, Change Management for Digital Adoption Post-Implementation Analysis and Continuous Improvement, Post Go-live adaptation and adoption, Key Users training, and Project turn-around are also areas of services that will be provided.

Elgo Technologies helps you build powerful tools using your data and state-of-the-art technologies such as generative AI to take your business to new heights. APAC Global Advisory is a leading Change Organization in Asia Pacific with global expertise in transforming organizations, including Fortune 500 organizations, taking them to the next stage of growth by leveraging Brand, People, and Technology.