APAC Global Advisory and Issoria’s Collaboration

APAC GLOBAL ADVISORY is delighted to collaborate with Issoria, ( issoriachange.com) a multi-award hybrid of change management consultancy and change management office resourcing expert - to champion the Course of Change and to build a globally connected Change Community for Asia Pacific.

AGA believes that a better awareness and deeper sharing of knowledge in relation to Change - especially focusing on developing Change capabilities as well as current knowledge on what has been working and what has not will significantly benefit organisations and the community in which they operate.

To kick-off this collaboration, AGA is looking forward to engaging on "Difficult Conversations for Change Practitioner" hosted by our Wong Mei Wai and Ursula M Erasmus, former Director of Transformation and Change at Roche/ Senior Partner of Issoria.

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Watch the full community session here  https://youtu.be/rs1sHsiv6nY