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APAC Change Insider – Our Commitment to support the organisations and individuals in the Asia Pacific region by helping them navigate change during the pandemic. 

APAC Change Insider LIVE Webinar series launches shortly following APAC Global Advisory’s announcement on 8 July 2020 to expand greater change support for Organisations across APAC with Laura Cozijnsen joining APAC Global Advisory and being part of our multi-disciplinary tribe, as APAC Global Advisory’s Change Communication and Training Co-creation Satellite. 

"We hope to bring greater support to the organisations and people in the Asia Pacific region by helping them navigate change during the pandemic and beyond, so they can turn around challenging situations today. This goes beyond the technical change but also the psychological aspect of change to help organisations and individuals." Wong Mei Wai, Founder, CEO, Chief Change Catalyst. 

The pandemic has put pressures for organisations to Change, increasing support needed to navigate the Change. Hence together we have launched the APAC CHANGE INSIDER series aimed to support as many organisations currently going through change to arm them across multiple topics on Change. In a LIVE format allowing exchange, we will bring you a unique INSIDER Change perspective and learnings across the Asia Pacific region. Each episode of INSIDER Change perspective is carefully curated by Laura Cozijnsen and Wong Mei Wai from a combination of their INSIDE view ( through their lens of INSEAD Business School's Executive Masters in Change journey, market research expertise from Acorn Research ( which APAC Global Advisory's Consumer Insight Change Catalyst - Kwan Chong Wah Co-Founded), hand-picked experts and C-Suites and CEOs who are leading change in APAC countries and our INSIDE change journey as practical change consultants and trainer/coach.  

*The APAC Change Insider Logo was inspired by the changing faces of the moon. “Sometimes like the moon we have to go through different phases of Change, whether we like it or not. Together we come together to turn that Change into something positive” 

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Left to Right: Laura Cozijensen, Professor Antonio Fatas and Wong Mei Wai at INSEAD Business School.