Philips Light Lab Experience Store

Launching an Interactive Retail Showroom Experience for a Global Brand

We partnered with a Global Giant in Branded Lighting to design, implement the consumer journey, as well as an innovative, interactive Retail Showroom Experience.  


We were requested to

  • To develop a unique experiential and interactive space where visitors, interior designers and architects could learn about Philips latest lighting technologies in a realistic, experiential and authentic fashion
  • To showcase Philips’ lightings within different environments


  • Created and designed the new concept showroom and consumer journey to showcase the beauty of the clients products in the best light possible; from elegant to quirky; minimalistic to avant-garde.
  • Building an engaging and experiential showroom that allow interactions, for example the Philips Hue pillar with projections of vibrant colored magnets that appealed to the younger generation.
  • Designed a communication plan using brand infographics to bring across product knowledge in a simplified and interesting manner  

The Difference We Made

  • We re-invented the meaning of a Lighting showroom that engages a diverse target audience.
  • Developed an experiential space where visitors, designers and architects could learn about their products in a realistic, experiential and authentic fashion.
  • Design interactive and immersive zones where visitors could experience lighting fixtures in their intended application environments